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meise.möbel beds

You’ve never slept so well.
What could be better than waking up in the morning relaxed in bed?
Good sleep is intrinsic to quality of life and indispensable for physical recovery, processing and storing information, strengthening the immune system and regulating the mood.
In one’s sleep the body recovers for a fresh start to the next day.

Our beds speak for themselves:
Premium quality, select materials, modern uses of forms as well as timeless designs.
Special and individual.
As individual as your sleep.

The upholstered bed

Shape your bedroom completely according to your taste and ideas with the comfort-upholstered beds from meise.möbel. A wide range of fabrics and faux leather variants are available. Different bed sizes, different access heights and individual designs leave nothing to be desired. The combination of bed, slatted bed base and mattress can be tailored to suit everyone. There are no limitations whatsoever on body weight or sleeping position and an optimal ventilation is guaranteed.


The box spring bed

Our box spring beds are composed of three sleeping elements. The spring-loaded bed base, the mattress and the mattress topper. Only when these three elements are perfectly tailored to one another will you experience the sleeping comfort typical of a box spring. It is possible to use either Bonnell or cylinder pocket springs. Both spring systems offer even suspension at all parts of the bed and ensure optimal air circulation. The box spring beds from meise.möbel are among the best thanks to their diverse variation possibilities, their distinct look and special sleeping comfort.