Those who rise early, rise late, crumple pillows, sleep in the light, pull a sickie, sleep deeply, sleep on their back, sleep walk, are sandmen, turn day into night, snore, sleep in the gap between two beds, like cuddly weekends, grind their teeth, are sloths, can’t drop off, sleep naked, turn off the lights, go to bed grudgingly, sleep in socks, lay awake, turn night into day, read novels, count sheep, stay in bed, tell bedtime stories, enjoy peace, sleep alone, read stories, hit the hay, wake up far too early, eat in bed, sleep throughout the winter, are marmots, fall asleep in seconds, kip, are night owls, sleep by an open window, are dormice, worship the moon, are lovestruck couples, have kids and luggage, struggle out of bed, love Sunday mornings, work night shift, sleep on their side, sleep the other way round, drop off without a pillow, seduce, work at a saw mill, snuggle up together, use foot-warmers, sleep in pyjamas, telephone in bed, don’t ever want to wake up, go to bed happy, have great moments, go for another spin, throw away the alarm clock, wake up before the alarm clock, sleep under the pillow, sleep in a babygro, listen to the radio in their pillow, wet the bed, have nightmares, go to sleep bottom to bottom, fall out of bed, hop into bed, kick back, are long, go to bed with someone, simply just fall asleep, oversleep, sleep on their belly, fall asleep in the dark, are bed whisperers, daydream. FOR ME